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Photos: Barcelona 2015

The shows in Barcelona and Madrid were wonderful. It was tricky, with planes, vans, cars, taxis, trains and buses, but we made it. We had to do it and we did it. Tomorrow (Friday 23) we finish our tour in Bilbao.

We also have a little story to tell you. I thought it’d be a good idea to invite U2 to our show in Barcelona. After all, they had the day off, and I’m sure they had nothing better to do… 😀

They didn’t come, but they had the generosity of returning the invitation, so the next day we went to their show. We didn’t get to say hello, but at least we had a drink on them.

U2 guest pass
U2 guest pass

Their show, which we watched from general admission, very close to the center stage, was fantastic.

Here are the photos that Carlos Garna took from our Barcelona show.

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