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Premiere: “Atlantic City” video // Spotify and digital platforms

Everything you see and hear in this video is real. Taking the lip-sync route would have been the easy way out, but we decided to play live. Instead of recording the song in a couple of takes with a lot of cameras, we chose the road less traveled: we would play the song from beginning to end for each new take that the director needed. 15 takes in total, always maintaining the energy and intensity of the interpretation. Rock And Roll.

The changing light of the Asturian winter perfectly depicts the shadows and lights of the main character of the song, who struggles with his despair. And luckily for everyone’s physical integrity, the rain made no appearance…

Directed and filmed live by David Pando (Videostudio). Sound mixed in Satellite Estudios by Jorge Otero and Juanjo Zamorano. Live sound by Fernando Marín. Production by Eduardo Cosmea (Movusic). “Atlantic City” lyrics and music by Bruce Springsteen.

Listen to “Nebraska” on Spotify, Apple Music and all digital platforms

Today, February 24th, “Nebraska” is finally released on digital platforms, after a time available only on CD. You can find it on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, Tidal, Deezer, etc.

The vinyl and USB editions of Nebraska are on the works as well.

Stormy Mondays Presents Nebraska

“Nebraska” live: shows in Madrid and Oviedo

Stormy Mondays presents "Nebraska" TWO NIGHTS ONLY: Madrid and Oviedo. Enjoy the electric version of Bruce's legendary album. We will perform it in its entirety for the first and only time in these two special shows. Of course, we will also perform some of our hits and there will be a few surprises.

Info and tickets
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