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Photos: San Mateo 2019

¡THANKS, OVIEDO! At 8pm sharp the square was full and ready to welcome us. We travelled towards the sundown crossing musical territories: Folk Rock, Soul, Rock And Roll. There was electricity, intimacy and of course a whole lot of passion, on every chord and every lyric.

The band sounded fantastic and our horn and string section propelled us even further. Our soundmen Dani Sevillano and Fer Marín navigated the difficulties of such a show with great aplomb.

And we had a splendid time inviting our friends onstage: Alberto Rionda, Nacho «Doc» García, Alejandro Blanco and Ángel Parada. We seized our alloted time until the very last minute, when the clock struck 9. ¡Folk and Roll! 🎸

Photos: Carlos Garna

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