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Of all the Stormy Mondays accomplishments, this is the most amazing.

Our song “Sunrise Number 1” was used as a wake-up song for the astronauts aboard the Endeavour Space Shuttle, on the last day of the last flight of the ship, May 31st 2011.

We entered a contest sponsored by NASA, called Space Rock. A total of 1,350 contestants from all over the world submitted songs with NASA choosing 10 finalists. Nine of them were from the U.S.A., and the tenth was from Spain… us! The winner of the contest was decided by popular vote.

Thousands of people supported us from around the world. Fans from all of Europe, and as far away as Africa, China, Mexico, South America, and the U.S., voted for our song “Sunrise Number 1”. Ultimately, we won! The credit really is theirs, not ours.

We got almost 790,000 votes. Did we mention that we have the best fans in the world?

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