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In 1999, thanks to having our songs available on the internet, we became the first and only Spanish band in the history of Woodstock to play at the festival. We played in front of more than 50,000 people. It was a blast.

To put this in perspective: by then our first CD didn’t even have national distribution. It was being sold only in Asturias and in a couple of shops in Madrid.

Here’s the full story and a photo gallery of Stormy Mondays at Woodstock ’99.


Another improbable encounter for a young band in an almost remote part of Spain:

In 1992, Slash (yes, the Guns N ‘Roses guitarist) crashed our stage to play with us, during the festivity of San Mateo in Oviedo. We were 17 years old and we had only written a couple of original songs. Meanwhile, at that moment Slash was the most famous guitarist in the Universe and had just stepped off the stage for a rare appearance with Michael Jackson.

We jammed for twenty minutes, which included “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” and a blistering “Johnny B. Goode”, but it felt like twenty seconds.

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