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Woodstock '99

Thanks to the Internet, STORMY MONDAYS became the one and only Spanish band in the history of the legendary Woodstock music festival. The show took place in the “Emerging Artists” stage managed by AMP3.COM, on Sunday, 25th July, at 13:30, in Rome (New York). The show was broadcasted on the Internet, the attendance was over 50.000 people, and it was an enormous success.

The story

We performed at Woodstock ’99 with a somewhat atypical formation:

Nacho García, our guitar player, had to attend a wedding that he couldn’t miss: his own one (congratulations!). That’s why Javi Otero played guitar instead – it was his second Stormy Mondays show.

Our bass player Ángel Miguel had unavoidable work commitments, and he had to be replaced by Marcos Muslera, from the band Zombi Zú (Thanks!)

Alejandro Blanco, one of the drummers that played in Rainy Days And Broken Hearts, hadn’t played with the band for more than one year, also for work related reasons. Fortunately, he was able to spend his only free weekend of the year to play with us.

Ladies and gentlemen, Stormy Mondays

The band: Jorge Otero, Javi Otero, Mario Fueyo, Alejandro Blanco, Marcos Muslera, Juan Flores.
Photos by Doug Cornell (, Amy Seibert ( and Chase Bartle (Peavey)

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