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Release date:
September 20, 2009

CD (digifile)

Limited edition:
Sold out

  1. Southwind
  2. Just Like Yesterday
  3. Younger Face (Dan Baird)
  4. Out Of This Town
  5. Disappointment/The Wrong Dream – feat. Toli DeVille
  6. I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better – feat. Toli DeVille
  7. Tomorrow’s The Day – feat. Nacho García
  8. Caldonia (Louis Jordan) – feat. Ángel Parada
  9. Losing My Blue Moon
  10. Beneath The Gate
  11. Blue As The Night
  12. On The Run
  13. Fisherman’s Blues (The Waterboys)
  14. Azul y Gris (Toli Morilla) – feat. Toli Morilla
  15. Rainy Days – feat. Alberto Rionda and Marco Álvarez
  16. Love Song For No One (Come With Me) – feat. Marco Álvarez
  17. Heroes (David Bowie)
  18. Here She Comes
  19. Same Old Song
  20. Take Me
  21. American Girl (Tom Petty)
  22. Caravan (Van Morrison) – feat. Ángel Parada

Live show recorded on August 3rd, 2008, at Jardín Botánico Atlántico in the city of Gijón, as part of the music festival, “Música con raíces”.

Recorded by Bilboson mobile recording studio.

Mixed and mastered by Alberto Rionda and Jorge Otero at Bunker Estudios.

Photography by Álvaro García-Ramos and Carlos Rodríguez.

Graphic design by Marco Recuero.

Originally released as a 12-song promotional CD.

Cartel del concierto

The Band

Jorge Otero, Pablo Bertrand, Dani Menéndez, Danny Montgomery, Rafa Sánchez
With: Juan Flores, Miguel Herrero, Héctor Braga

Special guests:
Toli DeVille (Los Débiles), Ángel Parada, Nacho García, Toli Morilla, Alberto Rionda (Avalanch), Marco Álvarez (Avalanch)

Our tenth anniversary concert and our first full-length live album

For the tenth anniversary of our recording career we called a bunch of friends and old band members and put together a show at the fantastic Botanical Gardens in Gijón, Spain.

It was bound to be a night to remember, so we had the foresight to record it, and eventually release it.

PhotosJardín Botánico, 2008 | Jardín Botánico, 2008 (2)


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